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A.I. Arms Race and Uncontrollable Killer Robots

A.I. Arms Race and Uncontrollable Killer Robots - Like Hollywood

While many are focused on the number of drones that the US, China and Russia are putting in the skies, the next generation of robots will be much like those in a science fiction movies in Hollywood – with killer robots that are somehow at risk of taking over their own controls and disobeying their human masters. This article is sourced from the Nikkei Asian Review attributed to Kosaka. 

The notion of killer drones taking off from an aircraft carrier and flying to destroy the runway of an enemy airbase is no lower the stories of science function movies – it is possible right now. The idea of controlled artificial intelligence driven weapons and untimely controlled by control masters in Russia or the US is now a reality that few are happy too embrace. In China then one child policy now makes it difficult for the government to bring young kids into combat. 

Parents are very protective of their children and are happy to send robots into battle instead of 20 year boys. Having one son makes the average family much more protective – this makes sense.  So China is taking old tanks and refitting them with new weapons, only to make them into remote control machines that fight with the enemy, replacing the future youth of China.

One fear that is being discussed in A.I. is the idea of robots fallowing a script to conduct war without the programs to avoid war. Great generals will openly explain that avoiding a war and seeing 10,000 lives is a talent that few generals actually have. Great minds like the 1970s US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger has said that his concern over controlling AI robots is there, and human intervention is important, to control potential threats. 

One fear that many designing this robots is that some of them may be able to replicate and order copies and models, new models with their own thoughts. More on this topic in coming weeks. 

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