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Asia Tech – North Korea New Missile Technology

Asia Tech - North Korea New Missile Technology

There are many reasons that the world is watching North Korea and that is that the North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un is now testing more advanced missiles and other weapons. The most recent development that North Korea has shown the world is a new missile that looks very much like the new types coming out of Russia – having Russian tech fingerprints all over it. We sourced this article from The Japan Times, by Eric Talmadge.

There is a controversial and lethal weapons system called the Iskander developed by Russia and this new missile being wheeled around Pyongyang looks like its sister-missile. Of course, Russian technology is often copied by North Korea but the key question here is this missile, with its launching supervised by Kim personally, is it developed jointly with Moscow? Mr Kim just returned for a trip to Moscow and the relationship between Kim and Putin seems real and friendly.

We at Classiarus looked at a body language video on Kim and Putin, they seem, according to the analysis by an expert, to be very calm and relaxed with each other. The Russians prize their advanced missile technology so they would only share with a close or strategic friend. The Russian-designed Iskander missile has been around for about 10 years.

The short-range missile is now said to be ready despite the self-imposed moratorium on testing long-range missiles that could reach the West Coast of the US. Still, this short-range version is a concern for the US military as it can hit US bases and troops here in the Asia region. This missile is designed to fly at a flattened-out altitude with the ability to adjust direction in flight, both of these capabilities are built to exploit weaknesses in the US THAAD systems. Iskander can fly for 40 kilometers of about 25 miles.

This new missile system would allow a slight increase in negotiation advantage or at least a new talking point for Kim Jong-un when he sits down with President Donald Trump in the future.

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