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Billionaire Wealth is “Obscene” According to UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Pro-Democracy Protestors Turn Violent in Hong Kong

The UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is not taking aim at the super rich in the US and he believes that they, 48 of the 151 billionaires have donated too much to the conservative party – over 50 million Sterling since 2005. And since Boris Johnson has taken over in May, 10 billionaires have donated cash to the Conservative Party – and Mr Corbyn is not happy. According to Labour, the super-rich have received a windfall or benefitted what has been “handed out” in cash. The 86 billion Sterling number seems to be helping the rich get richer as inheritance tax and cuts to taxes have been showering the wealthy for years.

Now some billionaires are fighting back by saying that Labour and Corbyn are anti-business – which he rejects. In a recent poll about 35% of the public said that some people do deserve to be wealthy but over 50% are now saying that having over a billion pounds show not happen under any circumstances. The issue with this current global economy is that, in our view, too many people enjoyed lower interest rates for too long. This happened in the 1930s and the wealth gap increased dramatically, which gave rise to populists. This same pattern has appeared since 2008 and for now, there are too many issues in Capitalism, issues that will trigger unrest in society due to the wealth gap.



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