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“Blade Runner” and So-Called Humans, Our Views

"Blade Runner" and So-Called Humans, Our Views

Blade Runner, a movie that suggested the future would deliver robots, and synthetic-humans that unexpectedly developed emotions such as love, compassion and even deep hate for others. I suggest you watch this iconic movie and then read the latest research on AI. 

One of the iconic characters named Roy Battyin, a synthetic human, in the Ridley Scott dystopian world of Blade Runner was played by Dutch actor Rutger Hauer which in the movie was suggested that he might have a soul, has died. The actor was known for his one-liners in the 1982 movie which changed cinema forever as mankind struggled with the new technologies of AI and the notion that one day, robots will have feelings.

The Nexus 6 played by Hauer returned to earth searching for a way to live longer than his 4 year, programmed, life span. In the end this synthetic human saved the life of a Blade Runner sent to kill him, making it clear that machines do develop feelings.

Our Views: This iconic movie questioned the very existence of having a soul, having consciousness and having free will. More importantly, the lead actor, Harrison Ford played Blade Runner, a futuristic hit man, sent to kill rogue Nexus 6 humanoids was confirmed by Ridley Scott as being a Nexus 6 himself, given implants that allowed him to dream and “feel human” throughout the movie. 



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