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China Government and Your Smartphone, Our Views

China Government and Your Smartphone, Our Views

As growing concerns increase around the world with regards to cyber security, the usage of your private information and all data in your smartphone, there is talk now of global camera apps that Chinese firms can turn over to Beijing. In fact, there are some analysts who are suggesting that for a Chinese firm not sharing such information with Beijing, the punishment can be severe. According to an article on CNBC attributed to Grace Shao, this is a clear issue. “If companies do not comply with government requests, they will get into trouble with the Communist Party,” said Leland Miller, CEO of China Beige Book, and independent data tracking company.

Not cooperating with the government in China or Russia could be a dangerous. People would be naive to think otherwise.

And with Chinese companies b being behind some of the most popular photo and video apps around the world, information allowed to the Party could be vast. The rise of internet privacy security and data protection would be part of this conversation as there are hundreds of millions of private users of such apps. There is a powerful force in China called the Communist Party. As long as an App is developed by a Chinese company, even if the user lives abroad or the company is registered overseas, it will fall under Chinese cybersecurity laws and will be subject to the dictates of the Communist Party – if the Communist Party wants information, it is at risk.

Our Views: To challenge the Party in all socialist countries has been historically very dangerous. The notion of denying information to the most important entity in the country can land one in prison. Do social media companies in the US share information with the government ? If they deny the US government, surely they will come under threat or some pressure. In Russia and China, how can any government entity say no to Putin or Xi? 



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