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Comedian Running for President in Ukraine

Comedian Running for President in Ukraine

There has been war in Ukraine since 2014 when the Russians invaded the eastern part of the country and took back the Crimea. There has been corruption as some parts of civil society have broken down, crime and drugs are a growing issue while European men visit Kiev for prostitution. Ukraine has suffered for years as some institutions are not well run.

But this has resulting in the Ukrainian people to put all possible choices up for President – clearly a sign that the country values all views and ideas.

The current leader in the upcoming election in three weeks is a 41 year old comedian named Volodymyr Zelenskiy. In his daily job Mr Zelenskiy plays a teach on a sit-com who funs for president – a case when TV is reality, much like the United States. All joking aside, the TV show is very popular in Ukraine. 

This election which will be decided on April 21, with the top two candidates participating in a run-off. There have been complaints to the police that other political figures have been breaking the rules with voter fraud claims. 

In the first round, Mr Zelenkiy had 30 percent of Sunday’s vote while the ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko trailed with 13 percent of the vote. The country now seems to be making a comeback after years of war and questionable management of the economy. 

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