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Comrade Bernie Sanders and the New Democrat Party

Bernie Sanders visited Nicaragua on its sixth anniversary to celebrate its Communist rule or we should say authoritarian rule of its citizens. After Bernie praised the government and those who took power by the gun, for their socialist roots and love of the Soviet Union. The Soviet-backed government suspended civil liberties of its citizens within a week after Bernie Sanders arrived. The citizens of Nicaragua lost free speech, free assembly and labor strikes, while Mr Sanders praised the iron-fisted government. Now, thirty-five years later, Sanders is leading the polls and set to become the Democratic challenger to Mr Trump. Mike Bloomberg described Sanders as a Communist. Trump called Sanders a Communist long ago, but in fact it seems that Sanders likes being called a Socialist and Communist.

There are several weaknesses in Sanders` foreign policy stance which questions his decades of denouncing US force – namely the US counterterrorism policy carried out by both parties since 9/11. A supporter of regimes like the Soviet Union, Nicaragua and Cuba, Mr Sanders seems to live in a fantasy world of a perfect socialist society that ensures equality for all. For those of us who lived in socialists societies, it really does not work that way. Final Point: Imagine the future when The Squad and others are embracing Communism, Socialism and Islam while trying to explain to the Democratic Party that they really do support LGBT rights and the right for Jewish people to exist in the party. Democrats are now too fractured because they are too deep into identity politics for all of these groups to exist under one tent.



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