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Cybersecurity 2020: Major Threats

Facebook and Big Tech - the US and China - Viewpoints 1

While many of those who read out ideas are focused on US-China, geopolitics, economics and crypto, one key world that is being asked about is cybersecurity and the dangers that are expected with A.I. and new technologies. Artificial Intelligence is now being used to carry out attacks, and to hack into systems around the world and this will be one of the key threats in 2020. Malicious AI and machine learning that can be used to break codes and harvest data – quietly – is a major concern for many countries and even cities around the world. Several US cities, including New Orleans, saw its systems attacked recently, mostly those systems used for energy and transportation.

One expert recently said that deep fakes are now costing some firms money, and this problem is only increasing. Deep fakes are images and videos created using computers and machine learning software to make them seem real. Forrester Principal Analyst, Jeff Pollard, wrote that costs related to deep fake scams will exceed $250 million in 2020. Media reports now say that some people have been tricked into wiring large amounts of money to scammers. Cybersecurity company Forcepoint predicted that cybercriminals could use deep fake technology to generate compromising photos and videos, then using them to demand ransom under threat of exposing the victim. Currently, according to one firm called Check Point, a new cold war is now underway that puts the West and East, major powers, in face-to-face attacks, of course waging war on systems. North Korea has a specific unit in its military that carries out cyber warfare. Of course, their are many analysts who feel that the next major war will take place after a country has been brought to its knees with energy and food disruption.



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