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Facebook Uses Its Apps to Track Ex-Employees and Facebook Users

Facebook Uses Its Apps to Track Ex-Employees and Facebook Users

Facebook now has apps that it uses to track users and ex-employees who they think could threaten its offices and employees. According to a piece on CNBC (by Salvador Rodriguez, Feb 14), Facebook has compiled a list of individuals that its security guards must be on the lookout for that is comprised of people who seem to pose a threat the the firm. More than 10 former Facebook security employees described the company`s tactics on CNBC, with some questioning the ethics of said practices by Facebook.

Security teams are able to track these individuals whereabouts using the location data provided by the firm in the form of Facebook apps and their websites. In one case in Europe, the system picked up a threat, pulled the data of the user and determined that he was in the same country so authorities were notified and security was put on alert and lookout for that user.

One former employee said the system is “very Big Brother-esque” as he questioned the ethics of such a system. However, a Facebook spokesman said in a statement, “our physical security team exists to keep Facebook employees safe.” The list is called “BOLO” and when a new person is added, the system is, in their view justified.

The company has 2.7 billion users across its services which means even is a small 0.01 percent of users make a threat, that is 270,000 potential security risks. So the “BOLO” or be on the lookout list can be argued, saves lives. Keep in mind that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has rules and regulations. The general duty clause says that companies have to provide their employees with a workplace free of hazards that could cause harm or death. If there is a threat, the firm must deal with it and the method of how the threat was sourced becomes secondary.

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