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Fake News Wars: Why Japanese News Sources are Superior

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The ongoing consistency of Democrat and Republican political theater in the United States just does not end as the indicators of media-bias are off the charts. However, the most interesting point is that those who lean Left or Right, do not have any idea of the bubble they live in when digesting with the main stream media dishes out to them each day. For this reason, we suggest that you have several sources of news, different viewpoints and positions are at your fingertips.

But living in Japan has its benefits. Imagine living in a country in which the society reads, and reads more, studies and never stops studying just about everything. More importantly, keep in mind that the Japanese do not look through a lens of Democrat, Republican, nor Christianity, Islam or Judaism. As a people they are, for the most part areligious and apolitical so information is not delivered by a right wing nor a left wing nut case. This means that information is pure, fact based and full of numbers – the Japanese love numbers.

This numbers point is important as the Japanese can report with an open mind about anything without any filters. They do not understand the notion that Europeans, Canadians and Americans will not report facts because it might “hurt someone`s feelings” or that facts can be “hate facts” or a “hate crime.” In short, the concept of speech control and licensed speech, for the most part, does not exist in Japan.

Protected and marginalized people? Japan is a monoracial ethnostate of people who are clearly people of color. However, they rank high on the IQ scale and one of their most pressing social problems comes from their practice of “culturally enforced discipline” – they promote a culture of hard study and hard work. Kids who study hard are praised, workers who work hard are revered (some work so hard they drop dead at work). But most of all, the Japanese are free speech absolutists who love the purity of information.

Remember the book burnings in the 1930s, in Europe? The Japanese rejected this practice not for political reasons (they were best friends of the National Socialists in Germany) but they view books are knowledge. And more recently the speech control and “hate speech laws” in the US, Canada and the UK are shocking to the Japanese. They wonder why would another person try to prevent you from reading, or listening to other ideas. These concepts do not exist in Japan.



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