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Fortress North America Gloats, the World Lives in Fear

While the US, Canada and Mexico gloat over their new trade deals that ensures that they collectively own and manage over 200 years of clean energy, and with massive overproduction for export while potentially making trillions of dollars selling this energy to others who must import,
as well as unlimited supplies of food, which will potentially make them the largest exporters of calories in the world, Fortress North America watches as the planet is increasingly concerned about energy and food security.

It was called NAFT, but now it is USMCA and it controls 200 years of energy and 25 percent of the global GDP, which makes it the most self-sufficient political monolith is human history. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement or the USMCA,

When you break it down, it is simple, the entire planet is designed in a way that makes over 100 countries fully reliant on each other for all of their needs – they are by nature, natural supporters of the Bretton Woods Financial and Trade System designed by the US in 1944 to cater to the new global order.

Global trade makes some people rich, but more importantly, it feeds many who otherwise would not have a morning meal.

Without global trade, most of Africa and the Middle East would see a collapse in their populations for the very simple reason of how will they eat? Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Gulf States import 50% to 75% of their calories.

The global trade system was built on cheap financing, for food and energy consumption as well as low cost manufacturing so countries have no choice, they must trade with each other to ensure the lights stay on and there is food on the table.

This is the very reason the globalist system sold well after WWII, why the Bretton Woods System, was so loved by Germany, China, and Japan which are the countries that now fear its collapse the most.

This is why millions of tones of food makes its way to Africa, the Middle East and Asia. In the past 75 years, every drop of Saudi oil has been directly or indirectly protected by the US 5th fleet as tankers transported it to Germany, Japan and China.

Japan, we were live, is the third largest economy in the word, but it is food and energy deficient. Japan must rely on a system in which food and energy reach its shores without disruption to ensure its factories keep running. Otherwise it starves…..

Without food and energy imports, Japan, China, South Korea, Germany Taiwan, Italy, France and dozens of other countries will see their economies implode.

What does Iran have to do with this? Everything……because the world relies so much on smooth and uninterrupted flow of Middle East crude oil.

Because of its geographical location, narrow passages and hostile sectarian religious groups on either side, the Strait of Hormuz, which sees 450 super tankers navigate its waters each month carrying 35% of water delivered crude oil on the planet, the military presence is shockingly high. If oil flow stops, the planet fades, except for the US, Canada and Mexico.

Currently, Iran is suffering from heavy sanctions and lack of export targets for its oil exports,

The New York Times reported that the Iranians are being shut out of the global energy market, as its economy weakens. Tehran is now struggling with 40% inflation and in some areas, food shortages.

Have a look at the most recent meetings and speeches from Trump. He is slapping Justin Trudeau on the back, laughing about the great relationship with the new-NAFTA, that makes Canada, Mexico and the US such great friends who really do work well together (he spells it out clearly in the Trudeau joint interview). They were gloating…..

In fact, Trump only talks about Canada and Mexico – Unity on trade and energy ……and China and Germany – Disruption of trade.

If war breaks out in the Middle East, when a desperate Iran is battling not only the US but its neighbors, and the Far East can not import enough energy, and the Middle East gets less food shipments.

What this simply would mean is that the global systems that the world has relied upon in the Post War Era are collapsing.

China saw this global system breaking down and knew that there would be challenges in Asia in trade, energy and even in relations with the US, India and Japan. So much so that President Xi Jinping made himself leader for life and rounded up 1.5 million regional leaders and imprisoned them.

The potential for global chaos and shortages of everything is real. Stay alert and prepare yourself accordingly.



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