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Japan Tech – Blockchain, First Finance, Now Electronic Gaming

The March to June 2018 Pain Window and Increased Activity

After a full list of major banks and financial institutions embracing blockchain has been developed and presented to the public, it is now clear that this disruptive technology is turning to the gaming industry. A growing number of observers now believe that the blockchain technology will start to play a bigger role in the fast growing electronics sports industry. In fact, blockchain is becoming a bigger part of the gaming world as the list of tasks that it can do are increasing. It can extend the life of the game, and it can make the game itself more interesting.

As esports now capture more of the public`s attention, the disruptive force of blockchain will only play a bigger role in its future. The free-to-play business model in gaming, according to Rahul Sood, CEO of esports betting company Unikrn, now believes that blockchain could allow digital assets to be traded between different games.

Both accountability and transparency in gaming will improve with blockchain. In the case of UniKrn, there are over 850,000 accounts that have the ability to bet on esports games. With the large number of transactions per account, there is a demand for a higher level of tracking power because of the activity. Currently there are new methods being developed in the gaming industry that allows investors to buy a fund and in effect, purchasing a basket of 10 games.

Views vary but the general idea is that blockchain will enhance the gaming industry but will not be part of the elements that make for a quality game, as games need much more than blockchain to deliver a strong and useful product.

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