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Japan Youth Suicides Tied to School Issues, Our Views

Japan Youth Suicides Tied to School Issues, Our Views

While Japan has been aggressively attacking the 10 to 19 year old suicide rate at all levels, looking for solutions to reduce the numbers, a recent white paper gives a new assessment from the government. Note that this white paper is published in an annual basis. According to the Japan Times and Kyodo, from which we sourced this piece, there were 568 young people who took their lives last year, 188 of whom were attributed to school-related problems followed by 119 who had health problems.

While the overall suicide rate fell in Japan for the ninth consecutive year in 2018 to 20,840 which is the first time in 37 years that it fell below 21,000 the component age group from 10 to 19 year olds has remained flat since 1998, according to the most recent white paper. Social media sites set up for consultation to prevent suicide show that those contacting the site that made up the biggest share were those under 20 at 43.9 percent, and those in their 20s making up 41.3 percent of contacts. Of the total, women were 92.1 percent.

Our Views: After several studies came across our desk we have learned one alarming fact. The preponderance of cyber attacks in schools with youth from 10 to 19 in most countries are young girls and personal issues. Young men tend to use social media as a tool to play video games and to look at porn sites, as this is true across many societies.

However, social media attacks by young girls tends to be by groups of young girls targeting image and character. This has put great pressure on young girls in the 14 to 18 year old bracket with stress skyrocketing. The Japanese government as well as other governments around the world are working to put advisors and counselors in schools to give youth an outlet for the stress and a professional to talk to on a daily basis. This is one program that anyone of any background can get behind as a bipartisan project as it is tax dollars well spent. 



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