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Japan`s Constitution, Military and Energy Security, Our Views

Japan`s Constitution, Military and Energy Security, Our Views

While the Japanese Self Defense Forces were established for protecting the Japanese homeland from invaders – taking a defensive posture is in the Constitution – there are many ways in which the west can utilize the massive military might that is has built. Keep in mind that the Japanese have always kept a 1% cap on military spending to ensure that it does not become a military super power. It is only by hard work and endless determination that the Japanese economy has exploded in size since the 1980s, making that 1% a 40 to 50 billion dollar spend.

Japan, because it is, like the UK, an island country has an impressive Navy. Japan has suggested that it support global trade by using the Maritime SDF to block Somali pirates as it did in 2009. Now it is from suggesting, after consultations with the US, is similar support from attacks on oil tankers passing through the Strait of Hormuz – again by Somali pirates. Somalia is in most regards a failed state, run by factions of Islamists with ill intent against global trade and oil shipments.

Our Views: (We support all countries that remind Japan that it must follow its constitution stating that it rejects war)…..but the nation has the right to protect its global interests. 

Iran has been pointed out by Japanese, German, British, Saudi, as well as the UAE as a country that is exporting terrorism to the Middle East and beyond. Japan does not get involved in religious nor political actions, but as a nation it protects trade routes as well as oil and food shipments. Keep in mind that Japan, South Korea and China all depend on trade to employ workers and free shipments of oil to keep the lights on in their homes and factories so they will protect energy and food security for survival. Japan will now step onto the world stage – in the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Aden. Japan needs to be free to be a leader in a secure world. This piece was  based on an article in the Japan Times, as well as other sources.



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