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Kyle Bass: China and Business Practices

US - China Trade Tensions - It Will Only Get Worse - Classiarius Viewpoint

There are more investors talking about China with a clear mission, to help the general public understand that China is growing into a global power and must adjust its business practices to fit into a global economy. Mr Kyle Bass, a global investor and hedge fund manager who saw the US housing bubble and predicted its collapse in 2007 ~ 2008 is now pointing out that the West needs to wake up to the practices of the second largest economy in the world. His bets against subprime markets in 2007 are still talked about in every investment center from New York to Tokyo.

Mr Bass, “let`s raise Chinese company standards to ours just so just so the US investors are protected in the long run.” Bass praised the Equitable Act which was tabled by Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fl., which contemplates a delisting of Chinese companies if they cannot adhere to US audit standards. Under the Obama Administration, China was given a free pass in 2013, not to follow the rules set in place for European and other Asian players such as Germany, the UK, Japan and South Korea. Trump refers to the US-China trade pact as the dumbest deal Trump has ever seen.

Note that there is a new wave of thought leaders who are asking the US and European citizens to be more self-aware, asking them to vote but first learn other cultures and other languages. Japan, China and the European Union have impact on the US economy and culture but the general population seems to be out of the loop.



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