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Mueller Report: Russia Used Bitcoin in Hacks for 2016 US Election

Mueller Report: Russia Used Bitcoin in Hacks for 2016 US Election

The small tsunami of information is coming out the the Mueller Report and it has become apparent – we already knew that – that the US election was attacked by Russian agents. They have done this before, but the word “attacked” is a bit harsh and the more accurate word is influenced. The Russians and before them Soviet Russia when the Soviet Union existed, used all types of media and even Hollywood to get into the hearts and minds of US citizens.

The Russians were deeply involved, again. They have done this over the decades, but it seems that attacks are growing.

The two-year investigation that brought Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the living rooms of all Americans came to an end and the AG Barr and Mueller came back with a verdict which is that there was no collusion. The idea of collusion died but the main stream media cannot let the case alone and in the coming months there will be more attacks in the President and of course on Robert Mueller and AG Barr.

Still, United States Attorney General William Barr claimed in late March that the investigation found no evidence of such collusion. The full report was released on 18 April and in one small section there was a write up about the Russian agents and their use of Bitcoin to finance attacks on the US election.

The Russian military has been identified in its unit, GRU, which is a cyber arm that funds itself by mining Bitcoin then buying large computer hardware, very powerful equipment and then uses this equipment to carry out operations such as the one against the DNC or the Democratic National Committee as well as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Suspicious regimes like North Korea and Russia use Bitcoin to fund illicit activities to bypass US sanctions. Russians have been involved in elections around the world, the US was obviously a target this past election cycle. Dems and Republicans should be working together on this issue, not fighting the President.

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