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North Korea – Kim Jong-un Inspects New Submarine, Is It Ballistic? Our Views

North Korea - Kim Jong-un Inspects New Submarine, Is It Ballistic? Our Views

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in the middle of a battery of cameras while he showed a newly built submarine, a vessel that raises questions about the increasing capabilities of ballistic missiles. The North Korean new agency, KCNA reported this on Tuesday. KCNA did not describe the kind of weapons systems the submarine contained or where and when the inspection took place. North Korea has one of the largest submarine fleets in the world, that, at least by numbers is as big as the US or Russia. Analyst said that this rather large submarine it appears is designed to eventually carry missiles which would be a problem for the US and of course, Japan in the future.

Our Views: Both the US and Japan continue to reach out to North Korea but it seems that the North Korean regime is fixed on the development of nuclear capabilities and the ability to launch such weapons – ICBMs are the ultimate goal as these long-range missiles can deliver massive power to far away countries. Again a diplomatic tool of destruction that the North Korean regime has worked on for decades. Until recently, the world viewed, in our humble view, the North Korean regime as the crazy kid living down the block who no one liked. When this kid has a military that is ICBM capable, with long-range missiles, the world will take him much more seriously.



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