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Notre Dame – Bitcoin Traders and Christians Support Restoration Effort

Notre Dame - Bitcoin Traders and Christians Support Restoration Effort

The University of Notre Dame in Indiana announced that it is donating $100,000 toward renovation of the landmark Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. However it is Bitcoin traders and investor who are getting a lot of attention as one French economics journalist has put together a group of Christian supporters for this iconic landmark. There are now ideas being kicked around that suggest this iconic cathedral will be turned into a museum. There are two sides to this argument and we can listen to both but a short survey of our readers suggest that a cathedral is the only option.

Those who trade Bitcoin come from a variety of backgrounds, with small business owners, rebels who are involved in the internet world or people like you and me. But one point that they all share is that Bitcoiner tend to be people who are well educated. And more importantly, many who understand history. This was evident when this tragic episode unfolded on TV and the internet lit up with people focusing on dates and historic events while they tables ideas on how they could help. Many of those who witnessed the colossal blaze of the 900-year-old cathedral were in shock but that was short-lived as they started talking about donating Bitcoin.

The outpouring of international love and support was overwhelming as Gregory Raymond reached out to the crypto community, he is a French economic journalist, all kicked off by him starting a wallet with several friends to start accepting donations for Notre-Dame`s reconstruction. Of course there were security measures put in place but support is flowing in.

One key point about the blaze was the witnessing of the roof breaking down under its own weight as fire weakened the 13th century structure. According to sources, firefighters and other first responders saved some of the internal one-of-a-kind pieces from fire damage.  Note that Jesus Christ`s Crown of Thorns was saved by firefighters and police who formed a human chain. Of course there are many other examples of bravery in this story. Keep in mind that some of these relics date back to the 8th century.

Sourced from Bitcoin Magazine article, Landon Manning.

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