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President Trump Exits Syria – Putin and Erdogan Hunker Down

President Trump Exits Syria - Putin and Erdogan Hunker Down

As a fulfillment of a campaign promise, President Trump made a decision to pull US troops out of Syria. The issue becomes more complicated when the US pulls out and the President said the NATO ally Turkey had promised to clear out what is left of ISIS or the Islamic State in Syria. Note that our Islamic State is referred to by our contacts in the Middle East as Daesh. 

So the US is pulling out and the Russians and Turks are now in control of the area and they will be shaping the political and social issues there in the future. One concern is that the Turkish leader, Erdogan has been looking for an opportunity to engage the US-backed Kurdish group in Syria, the YPG which is openly against the Islamic State, Daesh. 

For future reference, the Kurds do not have a homeland. They are about 25 million strong, a very proud Islamic group who live in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq for the most part and have always longed for a homeland. Some generals and political figures, as well as Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee from South Carolina, have been asking the president to pull out slowly as there is fear that the Kurds could come under attack in a short period of time – we paraphrase here. 

The Russians and the Turks play a crucial role in how the next generation of Syrians will see their lives develop. There should be a massive rebuilding of towns and cities as well as the ongoing peace keeping operations. Some are now blaming Trump but the Russians and Turks are experts at dealing with hard line Islamist in the region, so they will keep the peace going forward. There is some concern that Trump`s long-term enemy, Iran, will gain influence but Iran has always had influence and more importantly, Turkey does act as the policeman of the neighborhood. 

Russia is very close to the Syrian President, Bashar Assad while Turkey has been calling for his overthrow and adding a replacement leader. Surely the new stakeholders in Syria will have challenges of their own. 

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