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Protest Clouds and Violence in Hong Kong

Trouble in Hong Kong as Wealthy Families in Focus

The protesters continue to march in Hong Kong with a more recent tone of violence which prompted police to raise their guns. And while some investors are reconsidering their positions, and finance companies are losing staff, the key point to remember is that some of the richest families are seeing their fortunes under threat. According to an article on Bloomberg, one of the richest families in the world and of course the largest developer in Hong Kong now see their empire being exposed in the protests. The working people, the protesters are now driving a narrative that raises concern for the wealthy developers of massive real estate projects – and concerns grow for the future of Hong Kong. 

The protests that have been triggered by a controversial extradition bill are spreading around the city with protesters even moving into the beautiful international airport. Note that Hong Kong is a modern and advanced transportation link as well as a the main financial hub in Asia. Millions of travelers from Europe to Asia pass through Hong Kong each year.

The Kwok faming who built Sun Hung Kai Prosperities Ltd, into the largest developer is now worth $38 billion and of course is one of the wealthiest families on the planet. The families in real estate are not able to influence the government as complex rules and regulations hinder development in ways that seem not to fit the common person on the street.

Some youth are angry because they cannot afford homes or feel they have no future because of the rising cost of land and apartments. The youth feel that the tycoons who own land have a cozy relationship with the government and this feel seems to be growing behind the protesters` anger. The question now is just how the working class in Hong Kong live in the future and how the government, in the short-term handles these protesters. There is a growing feeling that the government is preparing to clamp down on protesters. 



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