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Robots Are Being Fired in Tokyo – Too Many Mistakes

Robots Are Being Fired in Tokyo - Too Many Mistakes

One would think that job security for robots is a given, especially new ones in the hotel service industry in Tokyo. However, some of the robots hired to replace humans were, as it turns out, causing headaches and adding to the work of humans. In one hotel in Japan, Henn-na “Strange” Hotel, half of the 243 robots employed were released as they created too many problems for the humans working there to solve. The front desk of this hotel was “manned” by two velociraptor robots who could not make photo copies of passports for those checking in. Passport copies were done manually and the Raptors were demoted and kicked out in the end. And the two luggage robots had a bad habit of failing when it rained or snowed while they could reach only 25 percent of the rooms assigned to them.

One robot assigned the task of being the hotel concierge, had trouble with simple tasks such as answering questions about flight schedules and directions to local tourist attractions and cafes. This robot has been replaced by humans. To be fare some of the robots were old and dated, making them points of discussion and interest, rather than objects with a true purpose. This lesson of replacing robots with humans seems to indicate that a hotel without humans is still years off in terms of quality and safe service.

Japan has a wide range of hotels with rooms that look like the first class suite in airplanes, First Cabin Hotel, as well as the famous Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku which has a room covered with Hello Kitty motif, which is of course everything in the room.

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