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Tech Firms – South Korean Students Move to Japan for Work

Tech Firms - South Korean Students Move to Japan for Work

For those of you who travel Asia or have friends in your country who are Asian, one common understand is that Japanese, and Koreans are very well educated. The languages are very different but some cultural overlap exists and with Japan seeing its population aging, there are more South Koreans looking to move to Japan to find employment. Right now there have been cutbacks by major employers in South Korea and the number of workers who are qualified to work in Japan is high, hence they take the 3 hour flight to Tokyo. In mid-April, about 40 job seekers left Seoul and visited Nagoya for a jobs fair in which 17 Japanese companies in high-tech, manufacturing and retail industries were looking for prospects.

But while most South Koreans companies tend to look for qualifications and language proficiency, Japanese companies, according to an article in the Japan times, are looking at potential and personality. Big personalities are not common in Japan but some firms, smaller firms, tend to look for this trait. One agency, The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), which organized the event in Nagoya, helped 2,653 Koreans obtain jobs in a five-year period until 2018 with Japan being a big target nation for said hires.

The problem stems from the high unemployment rate in Korea which is 9.5% for people between 15 and 29, a high rate for a successful country. This compares to Japan where the 15 to 29 year old range has a 3.6 percent unemployment rate. This trend may continue as the relationship between Japan and South Korea improves. 

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