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The Surveillance State – A Chinese Export to Venezuela

The Surveillance State - A Chinese Export to Venezuela

While President Maduro of Venezuela struggles to feed his people and maintain power in the rogue Socialist state, his support from China only increases. The Chinese government is providing Venezuela with billions of dollars of food, still not enough as the average citizen has lost 8 kilos or 19 lbs, and has given the Venezuelan secret services the ability to keep close tabs on the entire population. 

China is exporting all the tools that Mr Maduro needs to conduct mass government surveillance, much like the systems that are used in Beijing. Mr Maduro, like the Chinese, issued an internal ID card – all authoritarian states issue them – called The Fatherland Card. Currently over 20 million Venezuelans carry this card with a computer chip – so the population is monitored in great detail. This card is a product of ZTE Telecom Equipment, the same company that has come under attack from President Donald Trump.

Without the Fatherland Card, the population does not have access to any state services, including health care.

Currently, President Trump is considering signing an executive order to ban Huawei and ZTE from being deployed in US wireless networks. According to sources, Trump wants to ensure that cybersecurity concerns are top priority. The ZTE card allows the government to trade the populations economic, social, and political behavior.

Once the South American nation was the region`s richest, having more proven oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, and an agricultural program that made it a net food exporter. However, when the latest wave of protests hit, the Socialist state cannot feed its people and has an oil infrastructure that produces less crude each year as Chavez and Maduro did not invest in equipment upgrades. All systems were mismanaged. Both China and Russia are supporting the oil industry now.

There is increasing concern that the country will spiral into an all out civil war in 2019.

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