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The US and China – New Technologies and Protection

The US and China - New Technologies and Protection

As the US and China jockey for position in the world of economic and military power, there is a war of “new and emerging technologies” that will be a factor as these two super powers start to claim their places on the world stage. The US has said that it will continue to make manufacturing important not only for economic growth but to support the defense industry and the future hardware that will be used in air or on sea. The US White House advisor Peter Navarro has been focused on the United States and its home grown manufacturing industries as a robust home industry would make the US less reliant on overseas technologies and will be a vital platform for good paying jobs at home.

This new system seems to be marrying the US high tech manufacturing base with the US national security (military ambitions). The US does protect come technologies and of course prevents them from being exported or to be sold the the subsidiary of an unfriendly nation – this is to ensure that new US technologies do not get in the hands of bad actors in Moscow and Beijing.

So with new technologies springing up in the US and China, the number of controls placed on these new technologies. The US now has export controls administered by the Commerce Department that does not allow information to get in the hands of a non-US subsidiary or employee. 

Recent the US Congress expanded controls in order to inhibit Chinese access to cutting-edge technology. Now that China and the US are competing on the global business platform these two super powers are looking to advance their military might with powerful injections of technologies. If the US builds a $12 billion super aircraft carrier, China counters with a series of long-rang missiles that can sink a carrier. These technologies are going to lead on land and sea and now even in space. 

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