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The Wall, Trump and His Insane Politics

The Wall, Trump and His Insane Politics

Trump is turning all Democrats into Far-left figures, and they have not realized it yet. 

On Friday, President Trump said, “I think there’s a good chance we’ll have to” declare a national emergency in order to appropriate to build his border wall. The President made these comments as there is now a specially created committee in Congress that is working on a compromise on border security before government funding expires on February 15. 

Trump has taken a hard line and as part of it, demands billions of dollars to secure the border. He has gone head on with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who continues to say that there will be no money and no wall. One of Trump`s closest allies in the senate, Lindsey  Graham of South Carolina, has already prepared to allow the President the national emergency option, as it is in fact, the only option the president has to build a wall. 

We at Classiarius would like to table this viewpoint. President Trump is surely driving the Wall narrative. His views that there should be strong border security, a robust system of checks that document all immigrants are not as right-wing as the Democrats make them out to be. Even Chuck Schumer, until just a couple of years ago, said that the public should not use phrases like “undocumented workers” as they are “illegal immigrants” for all to see.

So we think that the President is purposely driving the Democrats into a far-left corner as they say that all walls should come down and “no borders” is the future of America. Trump is forcing the Left to take positions that will come back to haunt them in 2020.

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