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Trump, The Twitter War

US Senators Attack NBA Views on Hong Kong Protests

The most recent comments from Jack Dorsey of Twitter, its CEO, are focused on President Donald Trump, with Dorsey saying that he has had enough. The CEO is now suggesting that Trump is using his platform for unsound purposes, hate speech and dangerous speech. Now Mr Dorsey is traveling around the world, staying in caves and growing his hair longer than a 1970s hippie. Who knows what is going on with him. However, has he just lost a chess game with Trump? Twitter is now fact checking – something that Trump really likes because he knows the controversy is going to engage more eyeballs – so is it possible that Trump is leading social media giants into a new world.

We must think about what Trump has done, specifically. He is now standing between Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, so Trump has turned on Twitter and is being friendly with Facebook which is interesting as regulators are going to focus more on social media companies. And yes, the US President has impact on what regulators do.

Moving from Twitter to Facebook might be a massive business decision. So it is clear that Zuckerberg could revive his business as we move into the 2020 election with the most news friendly person on the planet – President Donald Trump. There are still one billion subscribers on Facebook.

It might be that Zuckerberg is making a friend who is bringing millions of new subscribers to Facebook, while at the time is distinguishing himself as the only free speech platform. Note that the Facebook CEO did throw Dorsey under the bus, saying that he and Facebook are not policing the speech of the President of the United States.

I sense the Trump has thought out the endgame – maybe Jack Dorsey has not.

Imagine if Twitter`s stock sells off to lower levels while Facebook rallies – Trump will have the power to bring new life to Facebook. And note that Twitter and Facebook allow a lot of comments from other political leaders, while they say they do not allow hate speech and other negative inputs. Keep in mind that ISIS and other dangerous entities use social media platforms. All social media platforms agreed that they did not like Trump, but things might be changing.

Facebook, what will happen to their stock? Will it be the only free speech platform in the world?



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