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War of Words, Coronavirus Becomes Political

The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier and the China Trade War

While US President Trump and his army of doctors and pandemic experts give updated reports on hospital success and research, he is using his daily meetings with the press to practice Political Theater, in real time. President Trump is being attacked by the press, as they have for three years, and sometimes rightfully so, from hospital beds, medical equipment and masks to his comments on the name of the 2020 coronavirus. It seems calling it the Wuhan coronavirus was acceptable in February and March but is now rejected by the press – they changed their minds. No one challenges the source of the virus, wet markets in China, but for some reason, when the US President articulates it, he comes under pressure.

Clearly China knows how to use the US and Western press as it plays the victim card, which the New York and London newspapers seem to readily follow – who knows why. But here in Tokyo we try to leave politics out of the discussion and frankly, when we read Japanese, Indian, Singaporean, and Australian newspapers, and magazines, they do in fact call China out on its responsibility in controlling this pandemic back in November and December of 2019. But now that towns and cities are starting to open up and the US Presidential election is just months away, the medical discussions for this virus will fade and all battles will surely be political. In the US, there will be a war of words, and it will intensify over the summer as campaigning moves to Wall Street and Main Street.



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