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White House and Retaliation Threats Against China

White House advisor Peter Navarro on Monday threatened retaliation against China for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic – effectively not reporting what took place in Wuhan. According to intelligence agencies in Europe, North America and Asia, China failed to report the pandemic when it knew in December 2019 and more importantly, lied about it being transmittable from human to human. According to reports, China first claimed that it was only transmittable from animal to human. The global economy, according to the Trump could have been saved much of this pain if in fact, China had reported the problem, when it knew, back in December 2019. But there are two sides to every story, and we must include the World Health Organization in these discussions. WHO cannot speak out against the Chinese government nor can it speak out against the US government, nor any other states paying their salaries.

The global members who pay the bills do not listen to WHO nor other global organizations, but in our view, these organizations are better being there (and weak) than not at all.

Also, keep in mind that the last pandemic in 2009, triggered and over-reaction by governments around the world and many countries in fact wasted a lot of precious time and money on a lesser threat. This swine flu pandemic of 2009 lasted only 20 months but disrupted the planet marginally – we over-reacted. As a result most countries, even the US were not properly prepared for the 2020 sickness or COVID-19. Still, US President Trump seems to be driving negotiations with China, along with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, to get talks back on track.



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