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Youtube Demonetizing Content, Bitcoin has a Solution

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There are many content providers who have been cut off at the knees, as the fine people at Youtube demonetize those who do not have the right views. When you are demonetized, only the most loyal and hardcore fans will continue to watch as there are hoops to jump through when one is watching channels that practice free speech. The fact that content is effectively blocked or in the very least, it is hard to find, making the search for your favorite content provider almost impossible. Currently, Youtube is under attack from those who want to control content and the FTC or the Federal Trade Commission (a legitimate organization) has encouraged the platform to require users to label any videos they created that may appeal to children under the age of 13. Of course some entities are now demonetized and as a politically neutral currency whose natural habitat is the internet, bitcoin has two great qualities that you will not find in a traditional financial system. It is unconfiscatable (no one can seize your funds) and it is uncensorable (no one can stop you from sending or receiving Bitcoin). So while your Paypal account can be blocked, your Bitcoin payments are free to find a home. And it seems that more and more people are demanding that their feelings are hurt and that even fact based content that is deemed “hate speech” will be blocked or demonetized. The financial sovereignty of Bitcoin is unique and with the new wave concerns about free speech, the future might be in safe currencies that allow one to get paid for content.



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